Who is DJ Toya B ??


Welcome to my DJ site/ blog adventure

i will be sharing all of my mixes, DJ events, DJ adventures, with a few life adventures along the way.

So who is DJ Toya B?!

She’s a music junkie who’s addicted to glitter, hip hop glamour and Barbie doll fashion. She keeps the crowd moving playing a bit of soul, hip hop, R&B, pop, trap, disco, underground, and dance.  

nacho borocho 2014

The music is for everyone to dance. ToyaB has played hip hop parties including wild style at vermillion, girlbye at kremwerk to pop parties kissoff at kremwerk. She’s played for a variety of crowds including the Seattle mayor awards reception and seattles block party hoodstock. She’s apart of the soul party monthly soulfi which celebrates people of color and the queer community to come dance for yo life.  

hoodstock 2014
 Stayed tuned for more adventures with ToyaB! Happy mixing 

To be continued…. 


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